The Punisher & Nick Fury
by Giancarlo Caracuzzo
100 Bullets #30 (Vertigo 2002)​​​​​​​
Written by Brian Azzarello; Art by Eduardo Risso
Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 1 #1 (Fantagraphics 1987)​​​​​​​
by Stan Sakai
Published works include the following titles:

 Return to Sender #1 (back-up story) (RMD Comics 2020)
The Depraved: Empire City (AV Comics 2020)
Trinity Project #2 (Ind. 2020)
Naked Cannibal Campers #1 (back-up story) (RMD Comics 2021)
Voodoo Nations #2 (variant cover) (Orange Cone Productions 2021)
Expired #1 (cover) (Orange Cone Productions 2021) 
The Annulus GEN1 (lettering) (Ind. 2021)
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